Does Your firm have the edge?

More than just law practice management, your entire firm can access legal research, e-Signature, expert witness profiles and build a pleadings library. CaseEdge helps you build your virtual law office.


Cases, Codes and Statutes from the leader in online legal research, Casemaker along with exclusive citation tools, CaseCheck+ and CiteCheck.


We have integrated DocuSign™, the world’s premier provider of e-Signature solutions, to give you instant e-Signing.


Build your firm's pleadings library with millions of pleadings from our repository tool, Get Pleadings™. Find, analyze and compare your pleadings with the Pleadings Like Yours™ tool.


Billing and Payment Processing

Bill clients, track your time and receive payments with access to IOLTA compliant and ABA approved legal payment processing leader, LawPay®.


File Sharing

You can review, collaborate and manage your cases through Google® Docs and our peer review tools.


Client Intake

Our integrations with marketing tools, Unbounce®, and communication tools, Microsoft® Outlook, chat and team referral tools speeds up your lead generation, client intake and contact.

  • Legal research with

    Casemaker® is the leading provider of low-cost legal research in the U.S. Casemaker® offers you with the most up-to-date cases and statutes available anywhere. You can access exclusive citation tools, CaseCheck+ and CiteCheck.

  • Manage Your
    Client Intake

    When it comes to client intake, your relationships with your clients are crucial. Our client intake tool, CaseCards™, allows anyone in your firm to quickly input client contact details and case notes related to their case.

  • Access expert
    witness records

    In many legal cases, your choice of expert witness or preparation to cross-examine an expert witness can make or break your case. We engaged Daubert Tracker™, the industry’s leading provider, to give you access to over 50,000 expert witness records data-mined from published Daubert motions. We also provide detailed expert witness dossiers.

  • Boost Collaboration
    and Referrals

    Case management can be an extremely challenging process. Our collaboration tools allow you to share and maintain your case files with your colleagues. Invite peers to a CaseCard™ by simply entering their e-mail address, automatically providing access to Case Notes™ and case files. You can refer cases and collaborate through our platform referral tools, boosting your practice.

  • Accelerate Client Intake and

    When it comes to client engagement every second counts. Our patent-pending CaseCards™ interface allows anyone in your firm to quickly review the details related to a case, contact a client or lead, and capture relevant Call and Case Notes. You can tame your inbox and organize e-mails by client, opposing counsel, peers, through our Microsoft Exchange™ integration. And through our chat tool, brainstorm legal strategy with your colleagues and co-counsel through our secure platform.

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